At Sealions, the boat and yacht manufacturing division of Salem Ahmad Al Moosa Enterprises, everybody embarked on a mission to develop their groundbreaking keel technology, and bring to life the chairman’s dream of six years.  It was to build new opportunities for people and to launch a new world on water.

To achieve this, the specialists at Sealions had to undertake independent research, experiments to enhance their expertise and frequent travels round the globe to acquire new knowledge.

The journey down this path was not always covered with roses. Often the team had to walk through a bed of thorns. But the team spirit and Mr. Salem Ahmad Al Moosa’s leadership helped them overcome every obstacle in the way to the revolutionary innovation of the Four Keel Technology.

World class workmanship and dedication bore results in the form of an unique marine technology of the Four Keel innovation that is ready to chart a new coarse in the history of seafaring and also to deliver a whole world of opportunities.