Luxury – Comfort, stability and safety being one of the unique features of this craft, it will be the ideal choice of clients for adapting the vessel for luxury sailing like family enjoyment, long cruises, social outings, parties and get-togehters etc.


Sport/Fishing -  The four keel vessel will provide the best options for offshore fishing. High speed, limited rolling, fuel efficiency together with the centre console and 360 fishability will always give at en edge over the contemporary monohull designs for game fishing.


Military – Adaptations for military use will also be important. Exceptional maneuverability,  high speed, long range, shallow draft will be most suited for military patrols, landing craft, light combat and rescue operations.


Cargo – Ample deck-space due to the wider beam design, variable buoyancy, large fuel tanks and long range sailing capacity will also be an important factor for cargo carrying adaptation of the Four Keel innovation. Along with superior safety feature like still being able to carry on sailing even if one of the pontoons was damaged will be an added advantage for expensive and delicate cargo shipping.