Revolutionary design.
Revolutionary results.

Self lifting of the vessel by the air cushion underneath the hull while travelling decreases the water resistance which in turn increases the speed of the boat and helps to achieve higher speeds than conventional monohull (V type or Displacement type) designs.

The revolutionary 4 keel design is highly stable which keeps oscillation (rolling) of the vessel to a minimum. In fact, the unique keel design is expected to offer better stability. The righting moment is derived from the spacing between the multiple keels and the wider beam space also contributes to the stability by far.                                                                                                                                           

This design will always be able to carry larger payloads than conventional ‘V’ and ‘Displacement’ type vessels.

Able to deliver greater economy than their conventional counterparts. Higher keel efficiency and less water resistance  help to achieve higher speeds and larger load-bearing capacity can help lower the overall operating costs of the craft.

These vessels will always offer greater comforts. The 4 keels dampen and eliminate the hard hitting and bone shattering effect when the vessel hits the waves thus offering a very smooth experience.

Truly a Flying Carpet on the waves.

Safety being the most important factor of the 4 keel design, even if one of the pontoons is damaged, the vessel can carry on with its voyage with the help of the other three without compromising on the safety of life and cargo on board.

The ability to carry larger loads including more fuel makes it possible for a 4 keel design to cover long distances.